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Sacred Communion

The ancient ritual of the rite of passage is not a magical formula to fixing ones life. It just does not work that way. It’s a way in which we can get in touch with our inner selves, our God, and the demons that we struggle with. Psychologist Carl Jung called this side of ourselves the Shadow. The shadow side of ourself is the side that we are not so happy with. The shadow is “the thing a person has no wish to be.” (envy, jealousy, inappropriate sexual thoughts or feelings, lust, contempt, etc.) Carl Jung’s belief was that this darker side of ourself is not dangerous to ourselves or others. If we do not work on those issues that make up our shadow self those issues may manifest in unexpected and unanticipated ways and be projected onto others.

In essence The Journey is nothing but dust in the wind. The Journey is just a vehicle to help get you through the transition in your life. It’s just the structure through which your passage can be built, and your relationship with yourself and God can be strengthened. In this Journey God wants to bestow upon you His gifts, insights, blessings, healing and strength. When Jesus went through His trial of temptation in the wilderness, God was with Him. Upon completion of His rite of passage scripture says, “He was famished…and the angels came and waited upon Him.” Let me tell you, you will be hungry upon completion as well.

When secluded in the wilderness God will speak to you in many and various ways. Listen for Him in the cry of the hawk. See Him in trail of an ant. Feel Him in the wind across your body. Immerse yourself in the dirt of the earth. Embed yourself in the creation of our Lord which was declared Tov, that is, good! God wants to meet us in His creation. He wants to communicate with His children in ways that we have for too long been blind.

When you commune this closely with Christ, you can’t help but be drawn into Him and He into you. You would be unable to resist Him. Nothing else would matter but then and now. Time will stand still and the space in which you occupy will be occupied by the Spirit and the space will be sacred. The space needs to be respected for now it is Holy.

There’s a story of a young man who participated in The Journey who was experiencing this:

“I was sitting near the debris shelter that I had built to sleep in. I started a fire. A small fire that would keep me warm but not get out of control. I noticed the flies around me. There must have been millions of flies and they wouldn’t leave me alone. Normally I would get upset and try to either get away or kill them. But this time was different. I saw them as creation and they no longer bothered me. They crawled on me, but they became friends. I discovered a deep connection that I have with the smallest of creatures, and that is that we are both created by God.”–Human

Realizing our connectedness to God and God’s creation helps us to understand our own connectedness with those others who surround us in our daily lives. We begin to understand the connectedness that we have within ourselves. Meaning, that the Holy Spirit brings to us a connection within ourselves between mind, body and spirit. A wholeness of being.

Part of this communion with God alone in the wilderness is creating a sacred space. Whenever something important happened between humanity and God, in scripture, the Israelites would create an altar in that spot to give thanks to God and to show others that a deeply spiritually important event took place there. Moses created an altar to give thanks to God for helping Joshua defeat the Amalekites. Jacob created an altar to God after wrestling with God all night long in the wilderness. Joshua created an altar to God when the covenant was created. Peter, James and John wanted to create three altars at the transfiguration of Jesus to mark that occasion of vast importance.

The participant does the same thing because a deep inner transition is taking place as the participant communes with God…–The Journey

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