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Benjamin Bushman

So I’ve been playing with the idea of producing short video posts on different survival techniques that people can use if needed while either lost in the wilderness or just for fun. I have a friend who has developed a quite comical persona which we aptly named “Benjamin Bushman” of whom you may be seeing soon. The Benjamin Bushman persona is one that can only be explained by experiencing the wonders which he can open our eyes to. So, look forward to some Benjamin Bushman educational survival videos found only here at, The Journey! And remember, you can always pop on over to our prayer request page and fill out that little form so we can pray for you. Blessings!

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Have a Prayer Request? We Are Here For You.

We recently added a new feature to this website, hoping that readers who have a prayer request would take the time to to fill out a little form and share with us your request so we can hold you up in prayer. We take prayer very seriously here at The Journey and trust that when Jesus tells us to pray, to ask, to seek, to commune with Him through prayer, great things can happen in our lives of faith and relationships. So, if you have a prayer concern or request no matter how small or large, we ask that you would click on the prayer request tab and let us pray for you. Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone at anytime. Also, by filling out a prayer request you are actively requesting that the whole community of The Journey Face Book page pray as well. So a brief description of the request will be posted to If you would rather not have this happen just specify in the request. God bless.



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Daily Devotional’s to Help to Sustain The Journey

So after a few years of writing devotions for a group of people to receive everyday, I finally decided to gather those devotions together and put them into a book format called “Too Deep for Words: A Daily Devotion” which is available on Kindle and will be available in print very soon. (Within the next 2 weeks) If you are willing to support this new emerging ministry all of the proceeds go to The Journey. I also ask that if you are not willing to purchase the devotionals or are unable to that you would please keep this ministry in prayer. We will take any kind of support we can get. God bless.

Ebook Cover

TDFW 2 cover

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