About The Journey

The Journey is a Rite of passage program based upon a spiritual model about the
inevitable journey that all humans go through in a lifetime. The Journey is
about transformation on a mental and spiritual level. It explores the spiritual
peaks or ‘points of transformation’ in life. The Journey also clarifies when and
why we experience crisis’ in our life and more importantly, alternative
approaches to transforming and understanding these dilemmas through a Christian
theology of grace, forgiveness and love.  As each stage is experienced and
understood, we develop a growing wisdom and intelligence that serves as the
foundation for living an enriched life as a child of God. Out of the ashes we will rise…

Humanity is in a constant search to discover a truth that can explain the nature
of our existence. How did we get here? Why am I having these experiences? Where
are we going? What is it all for? Who am I? We evaluate our life today in much
the same way as humanity evaluated the world hundreds of years ago. We strive to
answer these central truths and questions. One way to do that is to separate
oneself from society (severance), enter into a challenge (threshold), and
finally enter back into society as a transformed child of God with a deeper
sense of self, self worth and identity (reincorporation).

We live in a contemporary culture. Our technological advancements have given us
a quality of life unimaginable just 100 years ago, but simultaneously we have
separated ourselves from the same enriching life that our technology was
originally meant to enhance. Today we live in more comfort, yet we suffer
through personal experiences that dis-empower our lives. We continue to be
confused about sexuality, relationships, parenting, and growing old. We struggle
to gain clarity about a purpose for our living. Values such as honesty and
integrity are compromised for security. We wage battles with others and
ourselves in a desperate attempt to cover up these uncertainties about life.

We need to reexamine an earlier model for living that was based on tribal rites
of passage where a person is met with a challenge, a task to accomplish to
create a threshold to distinguish between what was and what will be. A boy
turning into a manhood. A girl stepping into womanhood. A change from one career
to another. Crossing from being a non-parent to parenthood. There are many
thresholds that we step across throughout our lives, The Journey is a way in
which we pay homage and respect to our Creator and to ourselves.

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