About the Guides

Pastor Joel Martyn is the creator of “The Journey: Out of the Ashes we will Rise.” Pastor Martyn has always been interested in the cultural phenomenon of the rite of passage and the impact that it has had on society throughout time and history. He realized while on internship in Wisconsin, while attending a hunters safety course with twenty five12 year olds, that unlike these young boys, he was never exposed to any kind of rite of passage ceremony. This intrigued him and in a way became a quest of sorts to find out what a rite of passage could bring him. It had to be something dramatic and important. He found that by being forced by the community to engage in a deer hunt. He shot a deer, cleaned and ate it, and in the process was accepted into the rural community. Pastor Joel has been a pastor in the Lutheran Church for nine years, and is currently serving a call at Hope Lutheran Church in South Lake Tahoe California.

Connor’s passion lies in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the outdoors. He has worked for a Christian Adventure Camp, Rock-n-Water for 7 years as an outdoor adventure guide. Although he has a bachelor’s degree in Finance, his passion is to see people of all ages (especially teenagers) come to an understanding of God’s saving grace through experiences in adventure and nature. “God’s power and love for us is so evident in the creation he has given us to enjoy him in.” In the future Connor hopes to build a career in outdoor ministry, making disciples through white water sports during the summer and rock climbing during the winter.

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