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When out in the wild for an extended amount of time it’s beneficial for one to have a basic knowledge of the wild game and edibles that surround you in any given terrain. Having food and water is necessary for life and for a healthy psyche in a survival situation. There was a time once when I basically lived off of stinging nettles, mushrooms, dandelions, watercress, wild carrot, and Sierra wild onions for about a week. Had I not known what to look for and what was available at the time, I would have gone hungry.

I read a quote once that said, “You can’t see what you don’t know.” I find this statement to be absolutely the truth. You have to do your homework and be prepared for any situation, including being able to find food and water, whenever you’re planning to go into the wild. You need to learn about plants and animals. Where they grow or roam. How you can find, gather or catch something in order to survive.

So, in this Wild Recipes section I will be posting links to recipes and identification standards for wild edibles. I hope you will enjoy this section and try some of the recipes that you’ll find here.

Here’s a link to a wonderful recipe for Fried Wild Rabbit. Enjoy.


Photo by Holly Heyser

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