Each of us experience times of great transtion: transition from one type of life into another aspect of life. These moments can be, and generally are a big deal to the person who is experiencing the change. These transitional moments can be as little as graduating from High School to enter into the adult world, to experiencing a fixed moment in time where a child becomes an adult in a rite of passage, to life/death/grief experiences. The major transitions in life are very important to mark and accept as a part of who we are, who we are becoming, as a person.

The Journey is a Christian-based rite of passage program that marks these moments in a person’s life by putting them into a difficult situation out in the wilderness There, through the process of challenge, ritual, and a little bit of perceived danger, they are able to discover their “why” of life, their true name, a new perspective on life, and a story that marks who they are and what they are to do. This all happens through severance, threshold, and reincorporation discussions, and Christian ceremonial rites.

Mission: To help individuals who are in a transition of life to understand who they are why they are and where that puts them in relationship to God in Christ Jesus, by marking a point in time through a rite of passage journey.

Vision: We want “The Journey” to be used as a vehicle to reach all men and women, boys and girls, who need to transition from one point to another in their life and in the process, become closer to Jesus Christ.

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